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Sharing on loading your EPM1 | ODIN Innovations

The new PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE, or EPM1, is the highest capacity spring fed magazine ever to exist. It is truly one of a kind with its 250rnd capacity, "Fuel Gauge" window, and high rate of performance. Odin Innovations and PTS have joined forces to bring you what is arguably the best mid-cap magazine ever created.

We know many of you are excited to use your M12 Sidewinder with these new EPM1 magazines and they have been designed to work well together. However, some of you may be struggling to fully load a magazine. This is no fault of the magazine you are using, as a batch of M12 Sidewinders have been produced with a BB detent that is TOO TIGHT. Please watch our video below to determine if you have received one of the M12 Sidewinders from this batch and learn what to do to address this issue.

Check out the full video here

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