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PTS Zev Technologie x Ed-Brown
1911 (Standard Ver.)


1911 (Standard ver.)

Introducing the PTS ZEV ED-BROWN 1911, a premium full metal gas blowback pistol in a Commander-sized form factor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 1911 pistol offers a slim grip and a crisp single action trigger, enabling intuitive handling and delivering fast and accurate shots. The slide of the pistol is RMR optics ready, allowing for easy installation of red dot sights. Notably, the front and rear sights on the slide have been raised up slightly to ensure optimal eye-level positioning for the optics sight, enhancing usability and target acquisition. In addition to its RMR readiness, the pistol comes with a suppressor and tracer ready removable external 14mm threaded barrel piece, complete with a thread protector. This feature adds versatility for customization and accessory attachments. Featuring a 4.25" Commander slide and a single stack Government frame, this model also boasts an integral light 1913 rail, providing versatility for accessory attachments. The ZEV "Orion" slide cuts package adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance, while the dimpled outer barrel enhances its aesthetics. Designed with convenience and compatibility in mind, the pistol incorporates an ambidextrous thumb safety, ensuring ease of use for both left and right-handed shooters. The outer barrel is stabilized to minimize any unwanted movement, thanks to a spring located inside the hop-up chamber. Durability is prioritized with a robust steel-made hammer set, comprising the hammer, disconnector, firing pin, and sear. The magazine valve is also constructed from steel, and each magazine has a 24-round capacity. Additionally, the magazine base plate comes preinstalled with the PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate 1911, further enhancing performance. With excellent Tokyo Marui compatibility, the PTS ZEV ED-BROWN 1911 shares many internal components with the Tokyo Marui 1911, including the outer barrel, hop-up chamber, hammer set, lower frame area, and magazine. The air nozzle, sized at 15mm, is compatible with Tokyo Marui V-10 models. To optimize performance, a 6.03mm inner barrel is employed, ensuring precise and consistent shots. The hop-up rubber and piston head, both in a vibrant purple color, are expertly crafted by MEC, offering a 70-degree hardness for optimal performance. With an approximate muzzle velocity of 300fps using 0.2g BBs and top gas, this pistol strikes a perfect balance between power and accuracy. The one-piece Government HARDCORE® Magwell is meticulously designed with a smooth and rounded well profile, providing a comfortable grip for both shooting and carry purposes. The PTS ZEV ED-BROWN 1911 sets a new standard in performance and aesthetics, combining reliability, compatibility, and usability for discerning shooters seeking unparalleled quality in their sidearm of choice.

Features: • Fully ZEV / EB licensed trademarks. • Commander slide and a single stack Government frame. • The ZEV "Orion" slide cuts package for added sophistication. • ZEV signature dimpled barrel for enhanced aesthetics. • Preinstalled with the PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate 1911 for improved performance. • One-piece Government HARDCORE® Magwell for a comfortable grip. • RMR optics ready slide for easy installation of red dot sights. • Suppressor and tracer ready for customization options. • Durable steel-made hammer set for long-lasting reliability. • Most internal components with excellent Tokyo Marui compatibility for versatility. • Outer barrel stabilized to minimize unwanted movement. • Ambidextrous thumb safety for ease of use by both left and right-handed shooters. • Expertly crafted hop-up rubber and piston head by MEC for optimal performance.

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