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EXO is a complementary product for the Surefire X200, X300 and X300 Ultra weapon lights for use on a carbine or long gun. It is a direct replacement for the plastic frame rails and provides a shroud for the activation switch. This gives the user a positive indexing point for light activation as well as providing protection against light accidental discharge's during use and storage without impeding access to the switch.


EXO? is constructed out of very strong impact resistant polymer and provides a strengthened mounting interface with the host weapon. It also provides extra protection for the battery compartment latch. Compatible with SureFire XT-07 Pressure Switch.


Like all Unity Tactical products, EXO is 100% Made in the USA. 



  • Protects the Switch from Accidental Light Discharge in sensitive environments
  • Protects the light from inadvertent activation during storage or transport
  • Provides a strong attachment point to the weapon through the use of a strong engineered polymer and an increased surface area
  • Provides a good index point for the activation finger
  • Protects the battery cover latch and seal from damage 



  • Material - Impact Resistant Polymer
  • Color - Black
  • Compatibility - SureFire X200, X300, X300 Ultra, XT-07 Pressure Switch


Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

Unity Tactical - Exo

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