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Due to popular demand, today PTS officially announces the release of the PDR-C Grip Extension.


By adding the extension firmer purchase of the grip can be achieved for those with larger hands thus providing greater ergonomic stability. The grip texture has been continued along the front and back strap of the grip adding to the users comfort and control. On the inside the battery compartment has been lengthened allowing for larger batteries to be used which has been one of the main demands of the PDR-C users.



  • Drop-in replacement for PDR-C grip cover
  • Extends grip length by 23mm
  • Extends interior battery compartment by 22mm
  • Secure snap lock fastening
  • Vented base
  • Durable polymer construction


Disclaimer: These products are FOR AIRSOFT USE ONLY. They cannot function and are not produced to withstand use on a real firearm. PTS Syndicate Ltd is not liable if our products are inappropriately or inadvertently use

PTS PDR-C Grip Extension

SKU: PT093450307