The PTS Mega Arms AR-15 Billet Upper is a gas blowback rifle billet style upper receiver that is compatible with PTS Mega Arms MKM AR-15 gas blowback rifles. Unlike the proprietary upper receivers on our complete Mega Arms gas blowback rifles; this receiver comes with a standard barrel nut to enable the assembly compatibility with most aftermarket rails on the market.




  • Black Oxidized Finish
  • Authentic Mega Arms engravings
  • Set includes: (Mega Arms Billet Upper, Standard Barrel Nut)





  • Color – Black
  • Coating– Black Oxidized Finish
  • Dimension – 202 x 65 x 60mm
  • Weight – 703g
  • Material – Alloy
  • Compatibility –  PTS Mega Arms MKM AR-15 (GBB)


License: Mega Arms® logo and related brand names are trademarks of Mega Arms ® in the United States and/or other countries and are used for airsoft replicas under exclusive worldwide license by PTSSyndicate, Ltd.



Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft,training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft productsimproperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentiallydangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept anyresponsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

PTS Mega Arms AR-15 Billet Upper (GBB)

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