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PTS Masada Carbine GBBR Custom (Limited Edition)

Custom Gun Includes:
  1. PTS Masada Railed Handguard                          x 1
  2. PTS Masada Real Size Handguard                     x 1
  3. PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Palaon Brake      x 1
  4. PTS Masada Fixed Stock                                    x 1
  5. PTS Masada Folding Stock                                 x 1
  6. PTS EPM GBBR with EPM Baseplate                 x 2
  7. PTS EPM GBBR original Baseplate                    x 2
  8. Magpul XTM Handstop                                       x 1
  9. Ergo 5 Slot Rail Cover                                         x 2


  • Color: Dark Earth
  • Dim. / Wt: 880mm / 4.5KG
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Propellant: Green Gas
  • Power Source: KSC / KWA derived proprietary GBB system
  • Shooting Modes: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
  • Magazine Capacity: 35 rounds
  • Velocity: 380 FPS (Hong Kong)
  • Energy output: 1.67 Joules

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, andsimulation purposes only.  UtilizingAirsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, arepotentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility orliability for misuse of this product.

PTS Masada Carbine GBBR Custom (Limited Edition)

SKU: PT919680813