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The PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate Gen 2 is an upgraded shock protection basepad designed to fit Tokyo Marui type 1911 magazines. They are also fully compatible with PTS SideArm Magazines (SAM).


The Pistol Shockplate Gen 2 is expertly constructed using PTS's signature polymer material coupled with hard rubber that has been specially selected for its outstanding durability, resilience, and shock absorption properties. The angle and shape of the basepad are meticulously engineered to estimate the direction the magazine will fall when vertically dropped, thus minimizing the risk of damage upon impact with the ground. The Shockplate is securely screwed at the bottom of the magazine and features a dot matrix on the base plate allows the user to mark the magazine with alphanumeric characters or pictograms for individualization and identification.

Each package of the PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate Gen 2 includes a set of three pads, allowing you to equip multiple magazines or provide replacements as needed.



  • Color Options: Black
  • Material: Enhanced Polymer
  • Dimensions: 41x20x12 mm (w/o packaging)
  • Weight: 4g
  • Compatibility:
    • PTS SideArm Magazine 1911 Style,
    • Tokyo Marui Style 1911 (GBB)

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only. Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury. PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

PTS EP Series - Enhanced Pistol Shockplate Gen 2 For 1911(3pcs/pack)

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