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The PTS Enhanced PTW Gearbox allowing the training weapon to operate smoothly and reliably under high internal stress, while reducing the overall package dimension. This mechbox is a direct replacement for any M4/M16 Systema PTW Training Weapon, and is a high quality upgrade part to the regular PTW challenge kits.



- Packaging Includes: -

o Content Gearbox Shell

o Enhanced Trigger

o Selector Rack Gear

o Click Ball

o Click Ball Spring

o Click Ball Screw



Color - Red

Dimension - 90 x 60 x 19mm (approx. with trigger)

Weight - TBC

Material - Aluminum, 100% CNC Processed

Compatibility - PTW AEG series

Surface - Hard Anodic Oxidation


Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training and stimulation only. Please be aware that this product is not compatible with real firearms. Users should be alert that airsoft products are potentially dangerous which can cause serious injury and even death. If user misused this product, PTS will not take any responsibility accordingly.

PTS - Enhanced Systema PTW Gearbox

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