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The PTS ZEV Core Elite Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs) are available in 3 models with 7.5 / 10.5 / 14.5 inch barrels. Each model comes with the PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Rail which provides full continuous top rail with M-LOK mounting system and with integrated anti-rotation pin ensure a consistent rail alignment and rifle rigidity.  The outer barrel comes with the special bronze finish and the receivers are deeply engraved to ensure the Zev airsoft rifles’ appearance are authentic with the original Zev rifles. Additionally, included as standard equipment for the ZEV Core Elite AEG, are PTS’ highly popular proprietary design polymer accessories including the Enhanced Polymer Grip (EPG / EPG-C), Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard, 150rd Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) and Enhanced Polymer Stock – Compact (EPS-C).
Internally, the PTS Version 2 AEG Gearbox features a quick-change spring for power adjustment, bearing bushings for higher efficiency and lower power consumption, and an electronic trigger and MOSFET for faster trigger responses and electrical wiring protection.


  • Authentic licensed trademark ZEV Technology engravings

  • 7.5 / 10.5 / 14.5 Inch Barrel with Bronze Color Finish

  • PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Rail (7.5 / 9.5 / 12 inch) - very sleek, modern looking M-LOK compatible handguard that is skeletonized for lightweight without compromising strength.

  • PTS ZEV Slide Lock Charging Handle (AEG) - minimalist design, fully ambidextrous controls, and minimal moving parts for simple and reliable operation.

  • PTS ZEV Single Stage Rifle Trigger (SSR) - enable a trigger pull closer with ease. The straight trigger blade design provide a short pull geometry.

  • EP Stock – Compact (EPS-C) - a simple, minimalist, sleek, and lightweight polymer stock. Features rounded cheek welds stay in tune with the slim profile of the stock whilst maintaining user comfort.

  • EP Trigger Guard (AEG) - a shallow“V” shape which enlarges the trigger guard opening for better use with gloves.

  • EP Magazine (AEG) - EP Magazine, boasts a Dupont® Zytel™ reinforced polymer body and holds up to a maximum of 150 rounds.

  • EP Grip (EPG) (Only 14.5 inch) - ergonomically designed for excellent comfort and a firm angled grip for maximum recoil control.

  • EP Grip – Compact (EPG-C) (Only 7.5 / 10.5 inch) – More vertical compact grip angle with improved ergonomics.

  • Rear Wired & Li-Po Ready – Can handle the power of 11.1v Li-Po batteries.


  • Color - Black

  • Dimension :

  1. 7.5 inch – 640 mm (stock retracted), 720 mm (stock extended)

  2. 10.5 inch – 680 mm (stock retracted), 760 mm (stock extended)

  3. 14.5 inch – 780 mm (stock retracted), 860 mm (stock extended)​

  • Weight :

  1. 7.5 inch – 2.25 kg (approx.)

  2. 10.5 inch – 2.35 kg (approx.)

  3. 14.5 inch – 2.50 kg (approx.)​

  • Hop-Up - Adjustable

  • Magazine Capacity - 150 rounds

  • Power Source – PTS Version 2 AEG Gearbox System

  • Shooting Modes - Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto

  • Outer Barrel Length – 7.5 / 10.5 / 14.5 inch

  • Rate of Fire - 21 RPS

  • Velocity – 320-360 FPS

  • Energy Output – 1.2-1.4 Joules

  • Power - NiMH or  LiPo/LiFe batteries



ZV603680307 – CQB(7.5”)
ZV602680307 – SBR(10.5”)
ZV601680307 – CARBINE(14.5”)

CM4 C4-10 ERG

PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 ERG 
(Electric Recoil Gun)





The PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 ERG airsoft gun uses an ERG (Electric Recoil Gun) system that is based on the latest generation KWA AEG 3 system.  The ERG simulates recoil via a proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. When used with the proprietary ERG magazine, that is switchable between 30 or 120 round capacity, it is capable of an electrical auto cut-off when the last round is fired. If you are willing to forgo the cut off, the ERG can still use any normal AEG magazine such as the PTS EPM for AEGs.  A quick change spring system allows you to easily customize the fps/m/s of the gun to your specific needs.  Included as standard equipment for the CM4 ERG, are PTS’ highly popular proprietary design Enhanced Polymer Grip, Enhanced Back-Up Sight, Enhanced Polymer Magazine and Enhanced Polymer Stock.