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Unity Tactical is one of the most innovative tactical accessory companies on the market with multiple paradigm shifting patented and patent pending products for weapon configuration and weapon employment and illumination. PTS is proud to partner with them to offer officially licensed high quality replicas to the worldwide airsoft market.

LPVO Optlcs_02-10-10.png

The PTS Unity Tactical FAST series of optic mounts provides end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts.

A taller centerline height provides faster/easier reticle acquisition in all conditions, but especially while wearing tactical gear, night vision goggles, gas masks, helmets, and plate carriers.

Unity Tactical FAST mounts allow for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads-up posture.Most of the FAST optics mounts have a built in windage adjustable rear sight which allow you to continue to accurately employ your iron sights should your electronic optic go down.  

The innovative Flip to Center (FTC) Magnifier mounts allow you to stow the magnifier within the footprint of the weapon’s receiver while not occluding the FAST mounted optic’s sight picture.  This provides the most optic capability with the lowest profile during all modes of operation.  

The PTS Unity family of switches for lights and lasers offer modular plug wiring to be able to accommodate a variety of lights and lasers on the market including the upcoming officially licensed PTS BE Meyers MAWL-PTS airsoft laser/illumination device.  More details will be forthcoming as they near release.

The PTS Unity FAST LPVO mount for 30mm scopes includes an offset optic base which will allow you to supplement your magnified optic with a red dot sight in the smallest foot print possible.  When wearing eye and face protection in airsoft combat, the FAST family of optics mounts are must-haves for comfortable and effective employment of your rifle optics.

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