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PTS - EPF-M (Enhanced Polymer Foregrip-Modular)

PT166450307 (BLACK)
PT166450313 (DARK EARTH)


PT166-EPF-M Modular Foregrip BK 1.jpg


PT166-EPF-M Modular Foregrip DE 1.jpg


The PTS EPF-M (Enhanced Polymer Grip-Modular) is designed to directly mount onto an M-LOK rail system. The CNC machined aluminum locking system is fused into the polymer to make the grip more solid and durable. Its compact size makes it a perfect handstop length for all hand sizes and minimizes interference with barricades, obstructions, or your tactical gear. The texture design maintains continuity of appearance with our other PTS Enhanced Polymer rifle accessories. Like all PTS polymer products, it is manufactured using high strength, high quality Dupont Zytel polymer that can stand up to real world use as well as any real firearm accessory.


  • Color Option – Black / Dark Earth

  • Material – Dupont Polymer

  • Weight – 40g (approx.)

  • Dimension – 34 x 28 x 63mm 

  • Compatibility – M-LOK rail systems



  • Polymer Grip bodyAluminum M-LOK locking system

  • Includes 1 pair of M-LOK screws, nuts and hex key

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PTS EPF2 Vertical Foregrip with AEG battery storage

PT150450307 (BLACK)

PT150450313 (DARK EARTH)


PT150-EPF2 Vertical Foregrip with AEG battery storage BK 1.jpg


PT150-EPF2 Vertical Foregrip with AEG battery storage DE 3.jpg.jpg


The PTS Enhanced Polymer Foregrip 2, or EPF2, has a carefully conceived, streamlined, ergonomic design with slightly revised texturing for superior grip and control.  Dupont™ Zytel® polymer construction and hardened steel hardware ensures its survivability under adverse use conditions.  The EPF2 has also been revised with lower profile on top to be able to mount on to a wider variety of railed handguards. Like its predecessor, it features a storage compartment with a sliding access plate at the base, and channels at the top for battery wiring to be able to pass through. This allows the EPF to hold certain airsoft appropriate lithium polymer batteries (such as an 11.1V 1000mah airsoft battery.  See specifications for internal cavity dimensions) for front wired electric airsoft guns thereby removing the need for a battery box.  The compartment can also be used to store other miscellaneous items and tools.


  • Color – Black / Flat Dark Earth

  • Material – Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer

  • Dimension – 118 x 50 x 32mm approx. (without packaging)

  • Weight – 68g approx. (without packaging)

  • Compatibility – 1913 standard picatinny rail

  •  Internal Cavity Dimensions/Battery Storage Capacity – 100 x 21 x 16mm



  • Light weight.

  • Low-drag snag free design prevents interference with other gear.

  • Clean lines and elegant design provides improved aesthetics and ergonomics.

  • Aggressive enhanced texturing to increase surface traction but strategically panelled with comfort in mind.

  • Storage compartment and pass through channels for battery storage on front wired airsoft guns or storage of small miscellaneous tools and items.

  • Easy and simple installation.

  • Compatible with any picatinny railed surface

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