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Low-Pro RIGID™ M-LOK Rail

GA025490307 – 8.6"

GA026490307 – 13.5"


PTS Griffin Armament Low-Pro RIGID™ M-LOK Rail




The PTS Griffin Armament Low-Pro RIGID™ Rail is a slim, ultralight, yet extremely rigid M-LOK rail.  Its rigidity reduces rail flex when torque is applied from foregrip type accessories or when load is applied on the rail whether when using with a bipod or shooting from barricades.  This minimizes POA/POI (point of aim/point of impact) shift of any mounted lasers.  Carefully positioned slots on the rail removes unnecessary weight without compromising the rail’s strength and rigidity.  The flat screw hardware and inset QD sling swivel cups further the theme of the slim, smooth profile of the rail.  M-LOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions allow for mounting of your favorite M-LOK accessories.

The PTS Low-Pro RIGID™ Rail also includes 1 PTS Low Profile QD Sling Swivel.


  • Low Profile Magpul M-LOK mounting system interface

  • Low profile anti-rotation QD sockets

  • Includes Low Profile Mock PTS Griffin Gas Block & Gas Tube

  • Bonus: Includes 1 PTS Low Profile QD Sling Swivel


  • Color – Black

  • Material – 6000 series Aluminum

  • Coating – Black Anodized Finish

  • Weight – 308g / 407g (approx.)

  • Dimension – 217 x 50 x 39mm / 342 x 50 x 39mm

  • Compatibility – Most AR-15 Airsoft AEG/GBB/PTW

​Low-Pro RIGID™ M-LOK Rail
M4SD-II / K Mock Suppressor

M4SD-II / K Mock Suppressor

PTS Griffin Armament M4SD-II Mock Suppressor

GA020490307 – BLK (US)

GA020490313 – DE (US)

GA021490307 – BLK (Non-US)

GA021490313 – DE (Non-US)      

PTS Griffin Armament M4SD-K Mock Suppressor

GA022490307 – BLK (US)

GA022490313 – DE (US)

GA023490307 – BLK (Non-US)

GA023490313 – DE (Non-US)




The PTS Griffin Armament® muzzle device are the highest quality and most accurate Griffin Armament® replicas on the market. They are made from heat treated steel alloy bar stock with a scratch and blemish resistant black oxide finish. A crush washer and shim kit are included to ensure proper alignment of the muzzle device onto your airsoft rifle. It has been designed to be compatible with any A2-compatible suppressor mount including the PTS Griffin Armament® M4SD Suppressor.



  • Monolithic Aluminum Chassis

  • Griffin Armament’s trademark SDQD mounting interface

  • Enhanced strength to weight ratio from fluted surface.


  • Color – Black & Dark Earth

  • Material – Aluminum

  • Dimension – 168 mm / 148 mm long (approx.), Ø 38 mm

  • Weight – 200g / 188g (approx.)

  • Compatibility – Tokyo Marui spec Airsoft A2 Flash Hider, PTS Griffin Armament M4SD & M4SDII Muzzle Devices.

  • Manufacturer – PTS



Paladin Brake

GA019490300 – CCW

Muzzle Brake

GA015490300 – CCW

Linear Comp

GA017490300 – CCW

Flash Comp

GA034490307 – CCW




The Griffin Armament M4SD Muzzle Brake is designed purely to maximize recoil control and muzzle movement.  It is perfect for rapid shooting situations such as competitions where minimal rifle and sight movement during rapid shooting is important for very fast and accurate follow up shots.  The Airsoft version has been designed to be compatible with any A2-compatible suppressor mount including the PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Suppressor.



  • Light and compact collection of premium muzzle devices 

  • CNC machined aluminum alloy

  • Enveloped with scratch-resistant coating

  • Available in 14mm counterclock wise threading 

  • A2-compatible suppressor mount including the PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Suppressor


  • Color – Black

  • Material – Steel Alloy

  • Dimension – 44mm / 57mm

  • Compatibility – Any airsoft gun with 14mm clockwise or counter-clockwise barrel thread


Back Up Iron Sight Set


PTS Griffin Armament Modular Back Up Iron Sight Set (Front & Rear)