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Centurion Arms was founded and owned by Monty LeClair, a recently retired decorated combat veteran with 20 years of active duty special operations service as a Navy SEAL. Prior to his retirement, Monty was the Chief Petty Officer at the famed Navy SEAL Sniper School.  During his service, Monty served in several SEAL teams on both the East and West Coasts. Monty also served in NAVSPECWARCOM performing weapons and equipment OT&E (Operational Testing and Evaluation) where he played a significant role as a subject matter expert in the Mk16/Mk17 SCAR development program. He had also performed a stint in TRADET (Training Detachment) as an advanced sniper instructor during which time he famously built one of fellow SEAL sniper Chris Kyle’s (of “American Sniper” fame) operationally used and favorite custom Mk13 sniper rifle. Initially known for custom gun builds and for offering superior quality precision AR barrels, Centurion Arms makes a full range of some of the most innovative and sought after AR rails and AR accessories on the market.


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