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PTS B.E. Meyers MAWL-PTS Laser

MW001490307 – Black

MW001490313 –Dark Earth




The MAWL® family of weapon lasers has been adopted by select Special Operations Forces around the world. It is currently in use and deployed with a variety of U.S. and international defense, government, and law enforcement agencies as the standard weapon laser. The MAWL® departs from the typical box design and is designed to be used under stress, in the dark, with gloves on, and is configurable for left or right hand shooters.


The officially licensed PTS B.E. Meyers MAWL-PTS is reconfigurable like the real MAWL and has both visible green & infrared (IR) lasers with short and long range settings for both


  • Green & IR Laser

  • Short to long range

  • Fully licensed B.E. Meyers trademarks



  • Color – Black, Dark Earth

  • Material – CNC machined 6000 series Aluminum Alloy (Body)

  • Coating – Black Anodized Finish

  • Weight – 292g (approx.)

  • Dimension – 127 x 71 x 51mm

  • Battery – TBC

PTS Syndicate Limited All Rights Reserved.

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