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EP Series

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The EP Series products are products purely conceptualized, designed, and engineered in-house by the PTS team.  We begin with examining a need in the marketplace that our product line does not yet fulfill or that we feel that we can improve on.  Throughout the design and engineering process, we consult with airsoft and tactical industry experts and experienced shooters to ensure that the product to not just look distinctive and unique, but also to ensure that the product is practically and ergonomically usable for the end user, including both airsoft enthusiasts and sometimes actual shooters.  The product is thoroughly reviewed by all involved during its design evolution process before signing it off for production.  EP series products are manufactured and finished to stringent quality standards.  EP polymer products are made using Dupont™ Zytel® polymer, a material that far exceeds the standard material commonly used in the airsoft industry and, in some cases, real firearms accessories, to ensure maximum product durability, long service life, exceptional resilience, and the greatest value to the end user. 

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