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The EP Series products are products purely conceptualized, designed, and engineered in-house by the PTS team.  We begin with examining a need in the marketplace that our product line does not yet fulfill or that we feel that we can improve on.  Throughout the design and engineering process, we consult with airsoft and tactical industry experts and experienced shooters to ensure that the product to not just look distinctive and unique, but also to ensure that the product is practically and ergonomically usable for the end user, including both airsoft enthusiasts and sometimes actual shooters.  The product is thoroughly reviewed by all involved during its design evolution process before signing it off for production.  EP series products are manufactured and finished to stringent quality standards.  EP polymer products are made using Dupont™ Zytel® polymer, a material that far exceeds the standard material commonly used in the airsoft industry and, in some cases, real firearms accessories, to ensure maximum product durability, long service life, exceptional resilience, and the greatest value to the end user. 


They say, your biggest rival in life is yourself. The following video tells a story of a man and his struggles against himself with only his gun, his gear and his wide range of EP products. If you want a quick overview of each of our EP products and how they are used, check out our video! 

Since its introduction 2 years ago, the EPM has built up a reputation as the most reliable premium quality airsoft mid-cap magazine in the market. Made of a durable Dupont™ Zytel® polymer shell, aligned with the EP series. The EPM includes recessed textured panels for grip traction; smooth magwell guides for smooth extraction from pouches or insertion into magwells; a bright orange follower to indicate full and empty capacity; a rubberized mold on the baseplate for impact resistance when dropped; a serrated boot and front edges aiding in magazine extraction; and a dot matrix on the baseplate for custom markings for magazine identification.

One of the most flexible and versatile carbine stock on the market. Prominent elements of the EPS include a rubberized, removable buttpad for superior comfort and slip resistance; a capacious and flexible storage capable of holding butterfly and/or brick style NiMH or LiPo AEG batteries; cheek welds angled for optimal comfort; multiple sling mounting options, with QD swivel sockets on both sides, pass-through channel for loop-type sling attachments and sling slot on the front of foot of the stock.

Made of Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer for a both durable and lightweight construction. The EBUIS consists of a low-profile, snag-free design that is unobtrusive when flipped down. Aggressively textured surfaces allow for a slip-free, positive operation under any adverse conditions that may affect grip. Large and small apertures on the rear sight are available for either close-range, rapid, sight picture acquisition or long-distance precision shooting. Windage adjustments can be found on the rear sight and elevation adjustments can be found on the front sight.

The EPG sports a highly ergonomic and fully ambidextrous design. Notable features include distinctive texturing which offers the right amount of tactility and grip under any conditions; and a beavertail extension that encourages a high hand grip under the receiver for optimal recoil control and comfort.

The EPF incorporates a carefully conceived ergonomic design. Featuring a storage compartment with a sliding access plate at the base to store any batteries and miscellaneous items. The storage compartment can contain a 11.1V 1000mAh battery. There are also channels through the top to allow wiring to pass through. Lastly, aggressive 360° texturing has been added for increased surface traction but strategically paneled with comfort in mind.  

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