April 14, 2014
PTS Syndicate announces Airsoft Team Movement courses with Former US Tier 1 Operator
Hong Kong, May 6-11 2014: PTS Syndicate is very pleased to announce a series of Airsoft Team Movement Courses led by former US Army Tier 1 Operator, Tyler Grey....
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April 13, 2014
Team Movement Course Enrollment Details
Airsoft Team Movement Course enrollment details, including schedule, course fee...etc....
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April 13, 2014
Premium Course : Team Movement Course - LOW LIGHT
The TMC Low Light course provides students with insight into the techniques and movement used for one to four man operations in a high-tempo LOW LIGHT environment....
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Using Airsoft for Law Enforcement and Military Training

Force On Force training is an effective tool in preparing law enforcement and military personnel for armed confrontations. Force On Force training helps “bridge the gap” between marksmanship and weapons handling skills learned on the range and the application of those skills in a dynamic, life and death use of force situation

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Tyler GreyCourse Instructor

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Retired Tier 1 US Army Operator, Tyler Grey spent his military career training and deploying for a level of operational conditioning that can only be expected of the US Military Elite. He was recently featured on the cover of ARMS Magazine. This is a rare opportunity for people to learn from a man of Tyler’s background and experience.

Alex KoAssistant Instructor

Alex Ko learned much of what he knows regarding CQB and Team Movement from Tyler Grey and other SF and SWAT personnel. The last time TMC (previously called BTMC) was offered he was a co-instructor with Jeff Takeda. This time he will be Tyler’s Assistant Instructor for all courses.