August 11, 2014
PTS debuts an introductory workshop for DAS & I.P.S.C. at Sports EXPO 2014
PTS marks the second year to exhibit at Sports EXPO 2014 to promote sport shooting experience to the General Public......
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May 18, 2014
New Products Launch!
New products are available, check out now!...
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April 23, 2013
PTS debuts an Airsoft Target Shooting Match
In order to improve public awareness regarding airsoft safety and shooting etiquette, PTS has recently launched an educational training program- Airsoft Target Shooting Training (A.T.S.T. )- at schools. The goal of this program is to explain the importance of airsoft safety, and to promote the ideology of marksmanship and shooting as a professional sport....
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Four Gun Safety Rules

While the guns used in airsoft are not real firearms, the four basic firearms rules must still apply. Airsoft guns are fully capable of causing real physical injury if these basic rules are violated.

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